When you look at this picture YOU may only see a crying toddler, but this sweet girl is SO much more.  She is my baby, my last child, and my little girl.  She is passionate and strong willed.  She loves to get her way, but even more she loves to let me steal her sugar.  She is quiet and observant one moment and loud and demanding the next.  Her buhbuh (brother) is her best friend and her daddy is her hero.  She is a mamas' girl to her core.  I'm convinced her favorite spot is on my hip or in my lap.  She has grown so fast, and is yet still so young and needs her mommy and daddy to help meet her needs.  She loves to sing, dance, and giggle- her buhbuh makes her laugh the most.  She loves it when her daddy makes her fly and loves to be outdoors.  The days are certainly long with her, but the years are so so short.  This pistol of a child drives me to the brink of insanity and steals my heart at the same time.  She's passionate, strong, and sweet to the core and I'm so blessed and even more thankful to be her mama and watch her grow.  Happy 18 Months to the little girl who will always be my baby!