During my mini sessions I had the pleasure of meeting Justin and Crystal.  They have such a sweet story that I wanted to devote an entire blog post just to them.  Upon meeting them you could feel how in love they are.  Being able to photograph them was such a delight and their love for each other truly radiates through their photos.  

Justin and Crystal "officially" met at the beginning of their senior year of high school. They worked together at a retail store. But, unbeknownst to Crystal they had actually met in 6th grade at a birthday party (she doesn't remember meeting him). He was friends with the birthday boy and Crystal was "dating" him.  
Down the road Justin was moving to NC with his family and their friend (the birthday boy) gave Justin Crystal's 6th grade class picture. He held onto it all those years.
Flash forward to when Crystal and Justin were working together he hung the picture up at work one day and she was VERY confused. 
On Halloween of 1999 they went on their first date (a hike to the top of a mountain)  and spent the whole day just sitting up there getting to know each other.
Crystal was 5 months pregnant with their first child by the time graduation rolled around. They had their 3 children together much younger than most do. But, they have enjoyed growing with them. They are now 16, 14 and 10. Justin and Crystal both turn 35 this year, and have now been together more than half their lives!!
They are definitely best friends and balance each other out in ways nobody else possibly could. They were certainly made for each other! 

What was so incredible is these were the only pictures they have had done with just each other since their wedding photos!  Enjoy!